Companion Nigel has received a special medal in recognition of his long-standing involvement with our Emmaus community. 

To celebrate Nigel’s contribution to our charity, he was presented with an Emmaus Founders’ Medal after being nominated by our Chief Executive, Jessica Hodge. This is the second year that members of Emmaus have received medals after Selwyn Image, founder of Emmaus in the UK, commissioned the award to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to the movement. 

Nigel joined our community in 2003 shortly after we had opened, making him one of our very first companions. He has lived with us and worked in our social enterprises for almost 19 years, following two years street homeless and sofa-surfing.  

Nigel has seen a lot of changes at Emmaus Bristol over the years; companions have come and gone, the staff team has completely changed, and we didn’t have any shops when he first joined. Nigel has been with us during the development of our Stokes Croft, Bedminster and Gloucester Road shops and says that he feels proud to have played a part in making it all happen. 

As an experienced member of our community, Nigel enjoys showing new companions the ropes, has worked in all areas of our social enterprises, and has completed his First Aid and Fire Warden training, as well as a management course which he got very high marks in.  

“Being involved with Emmaus Bristol for nearly twenty years has been brilliant and I really appreciate getting an award for the contribution I’ve made. I have always felt like I’ve been recognised by everyone at Emmaus Bristol, but it’s nice to receive something tangible that I can keep. I’d like to thank Jessica for nominating me.”

Nigel, companion at Emmaus Bristol

“Nigel is one of the founding members of the Emmaus Bristol community which is why I nominated him. He’s an experienced companion and takes an active role in training new companions and helping them settle in. He is just a lovely person and incredibly kind. Emmaus Bristol would not be the same without him.” 

Jessica Hodge, Chief Executive at Emmaus Bristol

You can read more about Nigel’s experience of homelessness and Emmaus Bristol by reading his story here.