Eco Holiday Accommodation

Coming Soon! We are delighted to finally begin on our project to develop a new social enterprise.

We will build two holiday pods offering contact-free, hotel style accommodation, right in the heart of Stokes Croft. It’s a unique location, and not just because of the style and vibrancy of the area; the pods will be built in the air, around the silver birch in our working warehouse yard!

The Eco Pods are designed using passive house principles, with high u-values, air tightness and low thermal bridging. This means that there shall be very low energy demand and associated running costs.

The main materials used for construction are Wood and Straw. These are natural, photosynthetic materials which have sequestered huge amounts of CO2 during their lifecycle. Carbon-capturing materials like these are the future of the Construction Industry and demonstrate how we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and help combat the Climate Crisis.

Eco holiday pod

Straw insulation has fantastic Acoustic and Moisture Control properties. This creates excellent indoor environments which include:

  • Protection from external sources of noise
  • Comfortable humidity levels without damp
  • Low levels of airborne chemicals such as VOC’s (commonly emitted from synthetic insulation alternatives).