Live with us

Live with us

Emmaus Bristol has different types of accommodation for people who are experiencing homeless or who are at risk of homelessness.

Community house

We have a 21-bedroom community house situated in the Dings, Bristol

Accommodation is en-suite and suited to people over eighteen and from all genders and backgrounds. There are two large lounges, a communal dining and games area and large kitchen, with a weekday evening meal cooked for companions by companions on a rota (training provided).

Community house

Companions in this house participate full-time in the social enterprises that help fund the charity. All accommodation, food, toiletries, wifi, and utilities are funded for community members along with an allowance of forty three pounds weekly, with another ten pounds going into savings. The allowance is a way for companions to get off state benefits and be part of a working community that supports itself. Once a companion wants more independence, they have the option of moving to one of two move-on houses, one with two bedrooms and another with three. These houses can be the next stage in a companion’s journey towards full independence.

Family homes

Aside from community houses, Emmaus Bristol has four three bed terraced houses for families which are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Typically a family would be in temporary accomodation or staying with friends before moving in These houses are in St Pauls, Eastville and Redfield. Families in these houses are independent tenants (not companions) with tenancy agreements.

Byron Street

Homes on the roof

Rooftop Living with Emmaus Bristol

We’ve been working hard to expand the number and type of homes we have. In Bristol right now there is a huge need for affordable rented homes.

Companions, when they are ready to move on from our supported housing, struggle to find anywhere to rent. It’s too expensive and landlords are less likely to rent to someone on benefits or in insecure work.

Our dream is to make a rooftop community on Backfields House to provide beautiful and low energy affordable homes for former companions and others who need a home and an ethical landlord.