Donate small items

Good quality donations are what we live for at Emmaus Bristol!

If you’re considering donating something to us please ensure that it is well-made and still in good condition.  Our team need to be able to sell everything donated to us to the public in order to generate income for the charity. Please check the two lists below to see what we can and cannot accept. Please help us by bringing in small items. If you have a large donation of clothes, books or DVDs, you may be able to arrange a collection.

Please do drop off your donations at either our Bedminster or Stokes Croft shops if at all possible. If not, fill in our donation enquiry form and we’ll get in touch to discuss your donation and see if collection can be arranged.

When considering whether an item is suitable for donation, it might be helpful to think of the following:

  • Does it need to have a safety label/marking in order to be re-sold?  This applies to all soft furnishings, toys and electrical goods.  Without the relevant label, we cannot accept some items, even if they are in exceptional condition.
  • Is it in such a condition that you would consider buying it? Items must be free of defects or breakages and not show excessive wear.

Small items we can accept

Please be aware that there are restrictions on what items we can accept, whether via collection or on-site drop-off. As much as we want to accept your welcome donations of high quality goods, we will have to turn away items that do not comply with regulations.

Some of the small items you can donate to us:

  • Clothes: washed and suitable for sale to the public
  • Books, DVDs, CDs and records
  • Shoes: clean, in pairs and with working fastenings
  • Plants
  • Jewellery
  • Crockery and ornaments: without chips or stains
  • Clean electrical items with attached CE labels
  • Hand Tools and garden equipment (no petrol or saws)
  • Toys with a CE mark

Small items we don’t accept

Regrettably, there are some items which we cannot accept so do check our list before you make a special trip or phone call.

  • Office equipment of any kind
  • Any electrical item that is damaged, dirty or has no CE mark
  • Children’s toys or equipment with no CE mark
  • Medical equipment and medicines
  • Bicycles
  • Gas bottles, paint, paraffin, petrol, aerosols or other flammable substance
  • Prescription glasses (including sunglasses)
  • Any other item that is not in a saleable condition