Buy Coffee for Brewing at Home

Find your morning motivation with an Emmaus Bristol brew

At Emmaus Bristol, we understand how important small rituals and simple comforts can be. When you have lived experience of homelessness, something as simple as brewing your own morning coffee can be a precious ritual. One of our companions said that simply being able to run his own tap for water was significant to him.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Blind Owl Coffee to bring you your morning cup of get-up-and-go. Because, if the caffeine isn’t enough motivation, knowing that with every cup you’re helping to prevent homelessness in Bristol, just might provide that extra little kick?!

We’re excited to be working with a local roaster to bring you our own blend of 100% Arabica coffee – we call it Morning Motivation – and you can order retail or wholesale directly from Blind Owl Coffee.

Buy Coffee Online

For wholesale enquiries, email

As well as online, you can also grab a bag of our coffee from our Stokes Croft or Bedminster shops.

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